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Mission Statement

The objective of this web site is to provide resources to individuals wishing to improve their defensive shooting skills. Range memberships are good for sighting in a new optic or testing different types of ammo in your conceal carry pistol. Unfortunately, for safety reasons there is not much else you can do there. If you want to draw and shoot form a holster or shoot on the move; you better not try it there. Having enough land where you can legally shoot as you wish is ideal, but it also has its limits. Another solution is to take a class or compete in a local IDPA match. These matches are generally open to all shooters. You do not need to be a top ranked shooter to compete. Just be safe and follow the directions of the range officer. Competing is a great way to improve your skills.

When I first became interested in defensive shooting, I had no idea where to start. After countless hours on the internet and numerous phone calls, I finally started to make some progress. It is our goal to make it easier for others to get involved in this great sport.


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